It's been a Minute, I know..

I know I know its been way to long since I graced you all with my knowledge and the thoughts that go through my head on the daily. Eeek scary!

With 2021 coming in with less then a bang and gyms still being shut down in my neck of the woods, I decided it was time to get back on this train and give you all as much knowledge as I can.

I've done a lot of thinking over the past 10 months, since the pandemic started, and as some of you may know I'm not only a personal trainer but I'm a hair salon owner, and hairstylist. Well this pandemic left me with way more time on my hands than I ever could have dreamed of having after opening my salon almost 5 years ago.

2020 was a year of serious growth for me, which seems ironic seeing as my business was shut down, gyms closed and basically the world stopped. I actually took this year to do things I probably never would have pushed myself to do. I took a deep look inside myself, and asked myself what actually am I doing here to help people? I pride myself on helping others feel good and grow and I felt like I was at a standstill. Thats when I choose to pursue my Personal Training Certification and my Online Trainer Certification. Because why not have a few more tools under my belt to really help people out.

After digging deep inside myself I realized my why, why am I so obsessed with pushing people to live healthier lives? Why does helping people in the gym make me feel so good??

Because one day I was just like them! Once I finished competitive cheerleading and gymnastics I had no idea how to actually workout or live a healthy lifestyle. I was 21 years old, completely hard headed and basically could convince anyone I was totally okay. Which I was definitely not!

I was sliding down a very slippery slope of drinking, eating garbage food, and serious mental health disorders (none of my friends knew). I wanted to be healthy but I just didn't even know where to start. I would go to the gym sometimes with people, sometimes without and really I would just walk around waste some time and then leave.

I know this is getting long so I'll get to the point, I believe there are many people just like me. Intimidated by the gym, walking out of competitive sports, and don't know where they fit in the mix of the fitness world. Thats where I came to develop The Gymnast Series this year! Don't worry you don't have to do gymnastics at all. The Gymnast Series is based around team or group fitness or sport, without having to actually go to a gym, or sports field/arena. Whats the best part of team sports?? Having a group of cheerleaders to push you to work your hardest, celebrate your wins, and pick you up when you didn't quite hit it how you wanted!

Well with the gymnast series you have all of that, a group of people pushing to reach goals, following the same program and coaching that you are, and all are starting from the beginning .. or at least the beginning of The Gymnast Series!!

So walking into 2021 I'm excited to bring you The Gymnast Series.. and with that means as many blogs, tips, tricks, videos, and help as I can think of!

2021 Here we COME!!

You can follow me on @Sarah_macd_ if you aren't already! Come introduce yourself I'd love to hear how I can help you!