But Why Can't I Choose...

Did you know there is actually no way to choose where the fat comes off our body?! Sucks right .. I could go on about how our body’s convert triglycerides to glycerol and free fatty acids to fuel itself, but I won’t!

Basically our body pulls from whatever stored fat it chooses, there is no way we can decide which part of our body goes first! Although that would be absolutely amazing (thighs please 👆🏻).

Reducing your daily caloric intake and increasing your daily activity (cardio .. sorry girlfriends) will start your body into feeding off it’s stored fat... Remember Intermittent fasting? ... this helps too!

If you want to reduce fat in certain areas of your body you have to first lower your body fat % (get on that treadmill sister). Once you have reduced your fat % you can build the areas of your body you want to be thicker! (Hello Bootyful 🍑)

I know I know .. why would I try and get skinny and then build the areas I want? Well... you don’t this is why we throw in our weight training with our cardio... cardio will burn calories and help reduce fat and weights will build up the muscles we want!

I lift heavy weights on the areas of my body I want as big as I can get .. and STILL lift heavy enough on the rest of my body! Aka.. I don’t want my stomach any thicker so I train abs with light weights and body weight ... I want my booty bigger (yes I know I want my thighs smaller) so I lift heavy glutes!

Remember we can’t train away a bad diet.. we must first make sure we are eating appropriate macronutrients and calories for fat loss.

Still have questions about how to burn through that extra layer??

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