Cardio.. The tips, tricks & WHYs???

So we all know that doing cardio is good for us ...

that doesn't mean even us who know the why's of cardio like doing it ... Right?


So why exactly is cardio good for us .. cardio helps build the really important muscles we need to live ... our heart and lungs .. when we do cardio our hearts and lungs get stronger therefore helping to prevents a hand full of diseases. Cardio is also good when trying to loose weight because minute per minute cardio burns more calories then weight training, meaning it works best for loosing fat mass and body mass. 👈🏻 What other reasons to do you need now?? BYE BYE FAT!!

NOW some things that I have discovered to help me with doing and growing my cardio. I'll be very honest ..I don't like cardio! Running, stairs, rowing, or the elliptical... none of those have ever jumped out at me to be thrilling so.. I force myself and when I say I, I really mean Mikey pushes me to do it because he knows a) I will and b) it really is important to our health!

Set a goal .. A realistic one .. or have someone set one for you 🖐🏻 that would be what I do .. because I know if I'm setting the goal it will be .. just try to run this week or do the stepper whatever you feel like do it 3 days a week. 🙄 That friends .. DOESN'T WORK .. trust me! 💋 So my goal is to be able to run 5km by this summer so that I can do a real outside race. 😂 I know hilarious in many ways.

So back to reaching goals.. I started out with the traditional walk a min run a min .. great except I really still couldn't run .. didn't track anything, I wanted to walk more then run and never knew where I was goal wise.

So this super smart human that I gladly picked to be in my life said .. get on the treadmill set a speed you are comfortable at and run ... run for 10 mins and see how far you can go! (Always with a bit of a challenge to his tone ... and if you can do 1mile in 10 mins thats good) ... This I did and was somewhat shocked I could even do a jog for 10 mins .. actually what I did was .92 of a mile (1.6kms) in 10 mins! Not bad for the first time .. So I tell Mikey .. feeling super proud of course .. "not bad try and bump the treadmill speed up .1 or .2 tomorrow!" All I could think was RUN.. After leg day KILLLLL MEEEE!

But I ran the next day and I did what he said I bumped the speed up .. getting closer to the 10 min mark I was looking at my distance .93 holy shitter! I bet if I bump this sucker up to 7.5 I can make the 1 mile! Because I can do anything for only 1 min!! BOOM done slammed the 1mile mark at 10 mins!

Long story woo .. but my point is I told myself to run for 10mins .. I did it ... the next day I told myself to run a longer distance .. I did it ... now my friends I know where I'm at with my running and I know if I run a little faster or a little longer each day I can get to my goal of 5km

If you have any questions or need help setting goals PLESE contact me