Maybe Your Body will Eat your ASS

So .. Remember in the Bring it On movie when sparky the choreographer told Darcy ... ✨“you should stop eating, you see when you skip a meal your body feeds of your fat stores. And if you skip enough maybe your body will eat your Ass”✨?

Mean right?!? Totally!!


There is some truth to it ... it’s called intermittent fasting! And for women if done properly can be key to dropping and keeping weight off!

I know I know ur hungry and you have to eat 6 meals a day to keep your metabolism up ... perfect go for it 👌🏻 let me know how it’s going for you!!

The best part of IF (intermittent fasting) is that you do it mostly while you are sleeping! Who knew ..

I do my fasts 3-4 days a week for 14 hours 7pm - 9am this way I still get my coffee on my way to work and my breakfast when I get there 🙌🏻 I mean what’s better then eating on your boss’s time?😍

I still eat my regular calories for the day just in a strict time frame! 9am-7pm

Medical studies have shown that intermittent fasting can also increase your memory and your clear thinking! WHO DOESN'T NEED THAT??

OF COURSE.. there can be downsides and things to watch for with fasting!

Women especially we have these super awesome hormones in us that are designed to protect our unborn child; even if we aren't pregnant. Crazy Right?? If we fast too long or too often at the beginning these hormones go into overdrive and tell us we are hungry even when we actually aren't. When this happens our body's go somewhat crazy and will stop our bodies from performing at its best!

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